Edit general properties of your game.
Game Properties
Click and drag locations to move them. Click a location or connection to see more options in the toolbar.
Choose which pieces are involved and what the player pieces look like.
used to make random choices (ex: dice, spinners, etc...)
Player Markers
used to mark where players are positioned
Other Pieces
used for miscellaneous purposes, determined by custom rules
Create and modify decks of cards.
Card Decks
Add, modify, or delete decks of cards
Deck Properties
Add, modify, or delete suits (ex: Spades, Clubs) in this deck
Add, modify, or delete ranks (ex: Ace, 2, 3) in this deck
Add, modify, or delete cards in this deck
Card Properties
Create and modify all rules to the game.
View potential issues with your game and stats produced by AI.
Play-test your game yourself against AI or other people.