Edit general properties of your game.
Game Properties

This is your game board or table. The squares are "Locations" where pieces or cards can be placed.

The lines connecting the "Locations" are "Connections." Connections indicate that an item in one Location can be moved to a connected Location.

Click and drag locations to move them. Click on a location or connection to see or edit its properties.

This is your inventory of game "Pieces." Click on a Piece to see or edit its properties.

Pieces are grouped into "Randomizers," "Player Markers," and "Other Pieces."

used to make random choices (ex: dice, spinners, etc...)
Player Markers
used to mark where players are positioned
Other Pieces
used for miscellaneous purposes, determined by custom rules

This is your inventory of game "Cards." Every Card must belong to one "Deck," but you can have multiple Decks. Click on a Deck and then click "Properties" to see or edit its properties.

Each Deck can be organized into combinations of "Suits" and "Ranks," (ex: King of Clubs, Green Reverse), but any number of miscellaneous cards can belong to a Deck.

A Suit is a set of cards that run parallel to other Suits in the same deck, and are usually indicated by a symbol or color in most games. To view a Deck's Suits, click on a Deck, then click the "Suits" tab below it.

The Ranks indicate the types of cards which should be included in each Suit. It is generally expected that there be a card of each Rank in each Suit. A Rank can have a Quantity, indicating how many of that card.

To view a Deck's Ranks or complete list of Cards, click on the Ranks or Cards tabs below the "Card Decks" section. Click on a Suit, Rank, or Card to see or edit its properties.

Card Decks
Add, modify, or delete decks of cards.
When a deck is chosen, click the "Properties" tab to view the deck's properties.
Add, modify, or delete suits (ex: Spades, Clubs) in this deck.
Add, modify, or delete ranks (ex: Ace, 2, 3) in this deck.
Add, modify, or delete cards in this deck.
Create and modify all rules to the game.
View potential issues with your game and stats produced by AI.
Play-test your game yourself against AI or other people.